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Packaging Molders Impressed With In-Mold Labeling At Expoplast

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

proof of our commitment to the Canadian and packaging markets. An in-mold labeling system from sister company ARI was paired with a Zhafir VE II 2300/430 “p” high-speed packaging machine making food serving cups in a 3-second cycle. The most attractive feature? The price of the system, which is 30% lower than competitive systems.

The food serving cup application featured an in-mold labeling cell consisting of:

The food packaging machine cell configured with a Venus VEII/p all-electric, high-speed injection molding machine, was the largest machine display ever at Expoplast.

- High-speed, side-entry automation

- Zhafir VEII 2300/430 “p” high-speed, all-electric molding machine (259 U.S. tons) with configurable IOs, Euromap 67 robot interface, and five 12-mm air valves to interface with the labeling automation

- Four-cavity yogurt cup mold

- 18-gram (0.63 ounces) shot size

- Cycle time of 3 seconds

For more details on the packaging application, see the machine cell description on Absolute Haitian’s website or contact a sales rep in your area. Not sure who your rep is? You can contact us for more information.


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