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Congratulations Rockford Molded Products On 75 Years

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

For injection molding company Rockford Molded Products (RMP), 2018 turned out to be a banner year. RMP was named a Supplier of the Year by their customer Industrial Electronic Controls based on RMP’s quality, on-time delivery and customer service. The company is also celebrating its 75th year of operation.

RMP took delivery of a 135-ton Zhafir Zeres electric molding machine in August. The injection molding company currently owns five Haitian Mars Series servo-hydraulic injection molding machines and three Zeres electric molding machines, all acquired within the last five years.

“There is not much difference in price between the servo-hydraulic and the Zeres hybrid electric machine at this tonnage,” said Chief Operating Officer Wayne Rasner, Jr. “We’re drawing a lot less amperage and the energy savings will quickly offset the cost difference. Plus, we are gaining repeatability and precision with the electric machine. The new Zeres will help us serve our customers with flexibility and lower overall costs.”

75 Years of History

RMP was established in 1943 as one of the first injection molders in the Midwest. Wayne Rasner, Jr. oversees plant operations and customer relations while Chief Financial Officer Thomas Thome oversees the company’s financial, purchasing and human resources functions. Sadly, Rasner, Sr. passed away in 2017 just ahead of the company’s 75th anniversary. “We are committed to his legacy,” said Rasner, Jr.

L-R: Tom Thome and Wayne Rasner, Jr. of Rockford Molded Products
L-R: Tom Thome and Wayne Rasner, Jr. of Rockford Molded Products


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