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Field Service Team Holds Meeting For Enhanced Training

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

In early November, members of Absolute Haitian’s field service team gathered at our Worcester headquarters for advanced specialized training on Haitian and Zhafir injection molding machines.

Attendees were separated into small group work stations, where the field service engineers were provided with the latest diagnostic equipment. Each engineer was given detailed training on operation of the specific injection molding machine model and were required to perform hands-on testing using the advanced diagnostic equipment.

“This training gives us a more advanced scientific approach to troubleshooting servo motors, drives, and complicated safety monitoring circuits,” stated Randy Wendling, Director of Aftermarket Operations. “Our customers expect timely results and this was an important step to prepare our team to maximizing our customers’ machine uptime.”

Experienced contract service engineers were brought in to provide phone coverage during the week-long training to ensure customers were not inconvenienced.

Looking for help with technical support, preventative maintenance or troubleshooting? Contact our field service team right from our website HERE.

Field service engineers were broken up into small groups to dig deep into the individual injection molding machine models from Haitian


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