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What's the difference between our Jupiter and Jenius machines?

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

In the injection molding industry, there are a plethora of different machine configurations per model and machinery brand. Often the differences across models and various configurations are difficult to fully understand, and makes choosing the right machine no easy task. To provide more clarity on our own machine models, we flesh out the key difference between two of our large tonnage machines – Jupiter and Jenius.

Besides the fact that Jupiter is servo hydraulic and Jenius is hybrid electric, both machines appear to be very similar. In fact, you would not see much of a difference between the two machines if your product is relatively simple in terms of part geometry and material. Where you will see a large difference in servo hydraulic and hybrid electric machines is in applications with a lot of complexity – this is generally where machines with fully electric injection units shine.

For products and molds with complex part and tooling geometry, the all-electric injection unit on our Jenius machines provides manufacturers with an added layer of process precision. These types of applications may require the use of multiple stages of injection velocity (i.e., an injection profile), multiple stages of hold pressure (i.e., a hold profile) and may have a tight process window that is more easily managed with the precision of an all electric injection unit. For these reasons, Jenius machines are often most popular with medical manufacturers.

Our Sales and Engineering team members are available to help you find the right answer for your business - whether its hydraulic, hybrid, or all-electric machinery. Reach out to us today at!


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