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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

In fall 2020, molders looking to add multi-component molding have a new option: add-on injection units and multi-shot molding machines from Absolute Haitian. The multi-component solutions are available for Zhafir electric machines including the Zeres, Venus and Jenius Series, helping to make production of multi-color or multi-material parts more affordable.

The new electric multi-component technology complements the Haitian Iapetus II Series, a servo-hydraulic multi machine long on offer from Absolute Haitian (available from 135 to 2,079 U.S. tons).

Our new electric multi solutions offer flexible configuration options along with all the advantages of electric machine technology: precise, quiet, energy-saving, and maintenance-friendly. With the latest control technology, these machines can be easily integrated into upstream and downstream automation production processes.

Standout features of the Zhafir Multi product lines include:

  • Configurations including Horizontal “L”, Vertical, Parallel, Piggyback and Opposing placement of the second injection unit

  • The Horizontal “L” and Vertical injection units are add-on options so that the machine can operate as a standard single-shot machine or multi-shot machine. These “Plug & Play” injection units are designed as independent modular components with their own power and drive sources. They can be adapted to different Zhafir machine models for use across several machines on your production floor.

  • Available for the Zeres electric and Venus all-electric from 1,200 to 6,500 kN (135 to 731 U.S. tons) and up to 33,000 kN (3,709 U.S. tons) for the hybrid two-platen Jenius.

  • Shot sizes from 19.1 grams (0.67 ounces) to 980 grams (34.57 ounces) are available for the Zeres and Venus Series. Larger shot sizes are specified for the Jenius upon request.

  • Control technology designed for easy operation of multi-component processes through a user-friendly arrangement of key buttons for the injection process of the additional unit

  • Connectivity Plus to support interaction with peripherals, automation and for integration into MES systems

Absolute Haitian began quoting the Zhafir Multi to U.S. and Canadian customers beginning in September 2020. Work with our experts to identify the most suitable and affordable solution for your production needs. Contact a sales professional at 216-452-1000 or


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