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Multi-component machines now available in servo-hydraulic models

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

This spring, we began offering multi-component injection molding machines based on our two popular servo-hydraulic molding machine series. The Mars III Multi Series and the two-platen Jupiter III Multi range from 67 to 2,709 U.S. tons of clamp force. The new servo-hydraulic Haitian Multi product lines complement the Zhafir electric multi-component molding machines Absolute Haitian introduced in 2021.

The design relies on Haitian’s accumulated knowledge of multi-component technology gained from the previous generation of multi-component machines. The MA III Multi and JU III Multi are more efficient and offer more configurations and flexibility than the previous Iapetus Series. “Our goal is to advance Haitian’s long-standing and highly successful machine configurations at competitive price points, thereby helping customers realize cost reduction,” said Sherman McGinnis, Vice President of Sales.

Features of the Haitian Multi product lines (MA III Multi and JU III Multi) include:

  • Configurations including Horizontal “L”, Vertical, Parallel, and Piggyback placement of the second injection unit

  • MA III Multi available from 1200 to 5300 kN of clamp force (135 to 596 U.S. tons) and the JU III Multi from 7500 to 18500 kN (843 to 2,079 U.S. tons).

  • Shot sizes for the MA III Multi range from 19 grams to 1,295 grams (0.67 ounces to 45.7 ounces) and on the JU III Multi, shot sizes from 228 grams to 2,547 grams (43.3 ounces to 89.8 ounces) are available.

  • The second injection unit can be switched off or removed so that the machine is available for single-shot applications.

  • Generous tie bar specifications and strong load-bearing rotary table on the movable platen to accommodate large molds and provide capacity for stable production.

  • KEBA control technology is designed for easy operation of multi-component processes through a single control with a user-friendly arrangement of key buttons for the injection process of the additional unit.

  • Connectivity Plus supports interaction with peripherals, automation and for integration into MES systems.

Looking for a molding machine answer for your multi-color or multi-material project? Ask your sales rep for a brochure and specifications.


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