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Internships support the industry, organization

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

With an eye on next generation talent for the Absolute Group of Companies and the plastics industry in general, Absolute established an internship program with nearby universities including the Worcester Polytechnic Institute six years ago. The internships are supported in part by an award from the Massachusetts Legislature and the MassTech Intern Partnershp, who work with technology companies scaling up across the sstate. This year, the company hired its sixth paid engineering intern.

“Unlike some of our low-cost competitors who do not provide engineering support, we have the infrastructure and engineering professionals to train and mentor young talent,” said co-owner Mike Ortolano, himself a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic. “Our customers can be assured of our commitment to build our business consistently by investing in talented people and keeping our approach fresh.”

Paul Scricco, Corporate Engineering Manager, ensures that the interns perform the engineering functions the professionals around them are doing. “We have them prepare robotics installation drawings, designing end-of-arm tooling and work cells, programming robots, and testing equipment,” said Scricco. So far, Scricco has hired four engineers that have interned with Absolute.

Mike Lak’s participated in the company’s internship program before joining Absolute. “I studied in Worcester Polytechnic’s robotics curriculum and interned at Absolute,” he said. “My fellow students often complained that they were performing mundane jobs at their internships. Here, I was tackling substantive challenges that caught my interest and taught me real hands-on skills. I couldn’t have been happier when Absolute offered me a position as an Automation Engineer,” Mike concluded.

Mike Laks building an automated molding machine cell integrating a 6-axis Fanuc robot.
Mike Laks building an automated molding machine cell integrating a 6-axis Fanuc robot.


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