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Haitian advances green manufacturing in Mars hall

Enter Haitian’s automated production and assembly workshop and you’ll see a series of new, advanced production equipment such as a laser tube cutting machine, laser plane cutting machine, large gantry machining center and automatic robot water-based spray paint line that ensures the high precision of the production process.

While maximizing the performance and quality of the air, it realizes green production, energy saving and emission reduction. This is just one step in our efforts to implement sustainable manufacturing. You’ll read more about these efforts in future communications.

Ground was also broken for a photovoltaic project at the Haitian Plastic Machinery Tongtu Road Plant. The total installed capacity of the project amounts to 36 MWp, making it one of the largest distribution photovoltaic plants in Ningbo. It will provide a CO2 emission reduction of 24,500 tons per year, further contributing to environmentally friendly production.



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