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  • Patrice Aylward

Affordable High Speed Molding Machines Arrive

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Absolute Haitian believes molders shouldn't be shut out of the high-speed market because the molding machinery costs so much. We're introducing a new, affordable electric machine for fast-cycling applications. The Zeres F is for molders interested in entering the high-speed market that may not have either the production volumes or cycle time requirements to justify the high cost of traditional high-speed machine configurations. Zeres F machines provide the performance to run many fast-cycling applications but are priced to permit economical molding of typical molding applications.

Proven on the market since 2016, it was time for the Zeres to take a step forward and going high speed was a natural evolution. At the K 2019 trade show, the Zeres F was introduced in a production cell featuring a four-cavity lid with high-speed in-mold labeling.

Besides its more affordable price, standout features of the high-speed Zeres F include:

  • Proven electric technology

  • Integrated hydraulics for core pulls, optional valve gates, ejectors and carriage movement, saving floor space by eliminating the need for a separate hydraulic power unit

  • Available from 1,500 to 4,500 kN (169 to 506 U.S. tons)

  • Injection speeds up to 350mm/second

  • High-performance, abrasion-resistant screw and barrel with 25/1 L/D

  • Linear rails for precise injection movement

  • Double-cylinder injection carriage with programmable nozzle contact force

  • Linear rails for clamp movement to support heavy stack molds

  • Generous mold space

If you are a high-speed molder or are considering entering the high-speed market, compare the cost and capability of the Zeres F to other expensive high-speed machines. We believe our solution will add to your profit equation.



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