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6 questions to ask before buying new molding machinery

When it comes to purchasing new molding machinery, manufacturers should assess a variety of factors, not just the machine itself. Over time, manufacturing success has more to do with aftermarket support than the machine, because it has a huge affect on manufacturing uptime and downtime.

Whether you're speaking with a sales representative from an agency or directly from a manufacturer, make sure to consider these 6 questions when shopping for molding machinery.

Questions about the manufacturer of machinery

The first set of questions concern the manufacturer of the machinery you're assessing:

  1. How strong is your relationship to the manufacturer of the machine?

  2. Have you been to the machinery brand's factory?

  3. Who do you know at the machinery brand that solves your customers' engineering problems?

These three questions address the foundation of long-term manufacturing success. Because the sales rep is usually your primary point of contact post-purchase, it's important that they have a close relationship with the manufacturer of the machine so that they can be equipped to answer any aftermarket questions and resolve any issues.

Questions about service, parts, and engineering support

Next up, it's important to look at the service and engineering support of the machinery.

  1. If the machinery brand is based outside of North America, is there a domestic engineering team to help you evaluate molding applications and opportunities, as well as resolve issues at my factory?

  2. Who runs the service organization, and how many service technicians are available for my machine?

  3. How strong is the brand’s commitment to spare parts inventory? Do they have a strong inventory management program and financial commitment to inventory that?

When purchasing new molding machinery, it’s critical to know that a machinery brand’s infrastructure is always there and strong, regardless of the situation — no one wants fair-weather friends. These questions about service and engineering support ensure that a sales rep agency or machinery brand have your back when you need it most.

If you're curious about our answers to these questions, feel free to get in touch at or 508-459-5372.


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